from the interior of the island of Tenerife to the sea.


From the Church to the Captain's House

The quiet, simple and close character of the inhabitants of the interior of the island of Tenerife is also perceptible in the architecture and urban planning of its villages.

The Conjunto Histórico de San Miguel shines for its simplicity. Most of its buildings are domestic constructions of rural character that reflect the link that people have had with the land.

Along Iglesia Street we find houses of different sizes, heights and colors that transport us to other centuries.

Among the most interesting buildings are the Church of San Miguel Arcángel and the Library, both from the 18th century. The house of Juan Bethencourt Alfonso, an important physician and historian, and the Casa del Capitán, a rural hacienda converted into an ethnographic museum.


From the royal road in the middle distance to the blue of the sea

San Miguel is a town of contrasts, it has mountains and sea, and it has a mild and stable climate throughout the year that makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities.

On the coast there are numerous coves, such as Montaña Amarilla, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. It also has golf courses and a marina, where you can practice water sports such as scuba diving, sport fishing or recreational activities such as jet ski rides.

The environment is unique. It is ideal for cycling, hiking or trekking, as the municipality has a wide network of marked trails and paths for these activities.


Viña Vieja, el Caserío de la Hoya, Cho Pancho and aboriginal remains

Within the municipality there are places that should be visited for their historical, ethnographic or cultural interest. All these, at the foot of the royal road.

The first of these is Viña Vieja, a small rural hacienda located on the outskirts of the historic center of San Miguel, which still retains much of its original construction. It has been used as a movie set and opens its doors every year on the Canary Islands Day.

The Caserío de la Hoya, located at the foot of Roque de Jama, is the first settlement of San Miguel and probably one of the oldest in the south of the island.

If you feel like having a picnic, the ideal place is Cho Pancho, a recreational area located in the highest part of the municipality in the middle of a Canary pine forest.