Witnessing history in the front row at El Cruce de las Cuatro Esquinas

The Cruce de las Cuatro Esquinas is living proof of the role that agriculture played in the development of San Miguel de Abona.

This place was born from the crossing of two roads; the first one, the oldest and part of the royal road, is the current La Iglesia street.

Although it is hard to imagine today, this was the main commercial street of the municipality, where sales, merchants and peddlers were concentrated.

The second, which began to be built in 1907 by private initiative to provide an outlet for the agricultural production of the municipality, is the one that connects San Miguel with Puerto de Los Abrigos.

One hundred years later at this same crossroads, we started building our hotel.

A traditional house full of charm that we wanted to transform into a favorite place for travelers and visitors to San Miguel, so that in another way, the paths would continue to cross.

We opened our doors in 2010 and since then we have hosted travelers from all over the world, from whom we have learned and enjoyed every day.